Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned expert, purchasing a home is a complex process. For this very reason, I am here to assist you each step of the way. Throughout each important stage, I will help you navigate the ever-changing housing market and guide you toward your dream home.
Not sure what you’re looking for? My detailed understanding of market trends, local neighborhoods, school districts, and financing programs allows me to give sound, proven advice which will help you acquire your ideal property.
The Buying ProcessI believe that the more informed you are, the better your experience will be. I have the resources to guide you through the home finding process, providing you with everything from detailed property searches to neighborhood and school information.
Below, I have included a general step-by-step list to help explain the home buying process. At times the process may seem overwhelming but I am here to answer your questions and guide you along the way.
1. Determine your needs and budget
Before the search begins, it’s a good idea to define what type of house, neighborhood, and location best suits your needs and lifestyle. Make a list of the ‘Must-haves’ and a list of ‘Want-to-haves.’   Take into consideration the style and age of the home, number of bedrooms/baths/garages and any amenities that are important to you.  It’s also important to prioritize these characteristics and stay true to your budget.
Once you share these details with me, we can jointly start the home search process.  I will offer input and recommendations while carefully listening to your wants and needs.
2. Get pre-approved for a loan
First, meet with a loan officer. Sharing financial information will define the price range for which you are qualified and provide you financing options for your consideration.

Provide income and debt information to the lender
Obtain a Pre-approval Letter
Obtain an “Estimate of Costs” Statement that details  the costs related to the mortgage, estimated monthly payment amount, cash required at closing and closing costs
Learn about the various loans programs and work with your lender to determine which program suits your situation best
Discuss closing costs with the lender and determine who will pay them at closing

3. Home search!
With your specifications in mind, I will use my resources to research and explore opportunities in the market; utilizing global online sources and our powerful network of agents.   When I find properties that meet your criteria, we can review them and schedule showings at your convenience.

When possible, all decision-makers should visit various homes.
Always be candid and a clear communicator regarding homes visited.  Share what you like and what does not appeal to you and WHY.  This will help me understand your particular wants and needs and allow us to be more successful in achieving your real estate goals.

4. Prepare the offer

Once we have found the home you choose to purchase, we will discuss the terms you wish to offer the seller. We will review market trends, condition of the property and location as part of this process.   I will prepare the written purchase agreement that outlines price, financing terms, closing date,  inspections and home warranties as well as the responsibilities of each party.

I will explain and prepare the purchase agreement on your behalf.
It is imperative that you carefully review the contract and clarify any aspects that are not clear to you.
If negotiations are necessary, I will work diligently to represent your interests and bring the parties together.
If the seller accepts the offer, it becomes a binding contract and you are on your way to homeownership.
Once the purchase agreement is executed, all documents will be sent to the title company where a file will be opened.
The title company will work closely with the lender, complete the title work and prepare documents for closing.

5. Finalize  your loan application

Contact your loan officer to complete the loan process and provide any outstanding documents. Submit a copy of the purchase agreement so your interest rate can be locked.

6. Inspect the property

Upon acceptance of a fully executed purchase agreement and in order to ensure your safety and the value of your investment,  it is imperative to have the property thoroughly inspected.
Select a qualified inspector and arrange for a general home inspection.  Depending on the type of property and location, you may want to do a radon test, a well/septic system evaluation and a moisture intrusion test.

7. Appraisal  of property

As part of the mortgage process, the lender will make arrangements for the property appraisal.  You will be provided a copy of your appraisal once it is received by the lender.

8. Preparing for  closing

Prior to closing,  you will need to secure homeowner’s (hazard) insurance for your new home.
We will do a final walk-through inspection of the property a couple of days prior to closing to ensure that condition is acceptable and any required repairs have been completed.
You will be provided a copy of the title work.
Each party of the transaction will be represented by a title company.
The title companies arrange a closing date and time with you and the seller to execute documents.  Most often both parties attend the closing.
Your closer will prepare the closing statement (ALTA) for your review prior to closing.
You will bring a cashier’s check to closing for the balance of the down payment and outstanding closing costs.
The title company will prepare numerous documents for you to sign including the mortgage and the note.
The Seller’s title company will prepare the necessary documents to pay off the current mortgage and transfer ownership of the property with a deed.
Upon execution of all documents at closing, the seller is paid and you will be provided keys to the property.
You will be provided with information regarding how to homestead your new home.
Congratulations, you are now a homeowner!


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